Covive partners with businesses, organizations and governments to inspire local and global citizenship through the collaborative design and promotion of products, services and programs that are socially responsible and ecologically generative.

Discipline, intuition, exploration, and  perfectionism (the good kind) are characteristics of the Covive Process.

Step 1) Deconstruct

Complex information and experience design projects—and even nuanced branding projects—should start with a thorough examination and analysis of all existing content and research. Every input should be broken down to its essential core.

FEMA Public Assistance Program Website
Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, FEMA sought ways to improve the information and processes provided to the public seeking assistance after a disaster. Hundreds of individual web pages, volumes of protocol manuals, and dozens of confusing process charts were gathered and dissected. Working with FEMA staff, essential process steps and documents were edited and reorganized into fewer, simpler, more clearly sequenced resource web pages within the site structure.

Role: Process Design Consultant
Work completed by Chad Upham while employed with EDAW.

Step 2) Organize

With a clear understanding of inputs, key messages, and dynamic variables, content can be organized and reorganized in a variety of ways to anticipate what users are looking for and how they might best find it.

NPS Yosemite Mobile App
Working with Yosemite Conservancy and the National Park Service, a mobile app for iOS and Android was envisioned, designed, built, tested and deployed over a period of 10 months in 2013. With more than 4 million visitors per year to the 747,956-acre wilderness park, the app conveniently provides maps and information about park sites, services, programs, and activities updated seasonally by park staff.

Role: Project Director / Designer
Work completed by Chad Upham while employed with L Studio.

Step 3) Prototype

Creative solutions emerge from a disciplined form of “play” where the design team finds, envisions and makes new forms to express a concept or process. Models are explored, refined and tested to validate their effectiveness. Each new beginning yields fresh insights and improvements.

Greenbox Home Energy Management
The company’s software identifies the electrical “fingerprint” of different appliances and provides recommendations to homeowners based on patterns. The idea of home energy management was conveyed through the development of a functioning board game where members of a family take turns tracking consumption of appliances, trying to reduce electricity bills, while responding to seasonal changes and rebate incentive programs. This motif played into website feature images and marketing concepts. Greenbox was acquired by SilverSpring Networks in 2009.

Role: Art Director / Designer

Step 4) Produce

Finally, the story comes together into finished presentation artwork united by brand messaging and visual design elements. Product launches or campaigns are not complete without metrics to assess impact and inform future communications cycles.

AT&T in 120 Seconds Video
A multi-dimensional animated journey provides an overview of the scale, impact, and achievements of the company. AT&T brand elements and colors weave together original photography of employees around the country with an impressive series of up-to-date corporate highlights and statistics.

Role: Art Director of Photography / Designer
Work completed by Chad Upham while employed with Mercury.
Photography by Dan Lamont

Discipline. Intuition. Exploration. Perfectionism.

Using our proven process to find essential ideas and shape them into impactful design, Covive is ready to work with you to tackle your greatest communications challenges.