Covive partners with businesses, organizations and governments to inspire local and global citizenship through the collaborative design and promotion of products, services and programs that are socially responsible and ecologically generative.

“Survive” means to live over others.
Survival of the fittest.

“Covive” means live together.

In a world of 7 billion people, to Covive means reshaping human civilization in a way that meets the mutual needs of all people while protecting the diverse ecosystems and species that enable sustained life on this planet.

Food. Water. Shelter. Energy. Transportation. Commerce. Community. Culture.

Each of these human needs are dependent on complex interrelated systems. The same industrialization and mechanization that has enabled exponential population growth over the past 150 years is churning through finite resources and destroying ecosystems that have supported human life for millennia.

How do we meet the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs?


of the constraints of
global resources
and systems.


for harm and injustice,
and recognition of one’s
own place in the world.


to reenvision and restore systems which must sustain prosperous life for all species for millennia to come.

These are big ideas.

Covive Exists to Communicate Big Ideas.

Our motto: inform and inspire

We are passionate about the presentation of information that expands people’s understanding of local and global issues. This is the awareness and consideration part.
And we seek to inspire people to action through compelling storytelling and campaigns.

Branding, print and digital media, information design, and environmental graphics are the tools of our trade.

Below are some examples of our work. Browse more projects at


AT&T Citizenship and Sustainability
Poster Concepts

Develop a poster distilling the 2010 AT&T Citizenship and Sustainability report for internal and external audiences. In the “numbers” concept AT&T brand typography and colors build a sphere showcasing metrics and guiding principles. The “atomic” concept utilizes an AT&T network brand design element to anchor major sustainability categories and topics. In the "isometric" concept, illustrations connect major focus areas, supported by metrics.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Work completed by Chad Upham while employed with Mercury.


Greenbox Home Energy Management
Advertising Concepts

Develop an identity for a start-up developing online tools to help families manage and reduce their home energy consumption. Preliminary brand concepts explored visual style and messaging.

Role: Art Director / Designer


Human Rights Watch
Identity Concepts

Human Rights Watch is a non-profit organization that investigates and reports human rights abuses around the world. This logo and identity system proposal for Human Rights Watch responds to an international logo design competition sponsored by the organization. After selecting another logo in the design competition, HRW subsequently implemented logotype recommendations in the workmark currently in use today.

Role: Art Director / Designer


Cleanscapes Truck Graphics

Approachable messaging that reads quickly and clearly as "billboard" style truck graphics encourage waste diversion and reduction. Extending the simple continuous line illustration style, memorable headlines with short action text create a friendly presence to encourage behavior change, raise awareness of CleanScape's unique mission, and promote additional services.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Work completed by Chad Upham while employed with Mercury. Identity by others.
Illustrations executed by agency team.


DriveNeutral Carbon Offset
Decal and Luggage Tag Design Concepts

As a startup marketing carbon offsets to vehicle owners, DriveNeutral sought ways to increase sales and annual renewals. For many vehicle owners, the car (and messages chosen to be displayed on it) are a point of prestige. The first generation DriveNeutral decal was large, cartoon-like, and did not anticipate second- and third-year vehicle display. A redesign of the decal gave it more authority, like a parking permit or registration tag, while reducing size.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Logotype by others.


Cytokinetics Annual Reports

Design an annual report editorial wrap to convey a shift in strategic focus of this biotech company from oncology to muscle contractility research. The "muscles" cover and aligning inside flap demonstrate the revealing of different muscle types being studied and the pharmaceutical benefits they may hold. The "crosswords" report cover incorporates keywords associated with the company’s research and development activitites in a wrap-around newspaper style image.

Role: Art Director / Designer


Voices for Philanthropy
Brand Identity and Materials

Create a name and identity for an initiative gathering voices in support of philanthropy. To recruit members who are busy influencers in their communities, the identity is straight-forward and credible. Multicolored squares represent vibrant diversity. The shapes and colors lend themselves to bold application in stationery, recruitment collateral and even an animated introduction video.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Work completed by Chad Upham while employed with Mercury.


Presidio Graduate School
Marketing Materials

Design of all print collateral for an emerging graduate school offering an MBA in Sustainable Management from 2006 through 2009. Consistent use of color, typography, and photography builds a cohesive brand for recognition and credibility.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Identity by others. Photography by Patty Nason.


Tampa Riverwalk
Brand Identity and Fundraising Materials

Working with the City of Tampa, Mayor's office, prepared a comprehensive identity system, collateral materials and environmental graphics for this 2.2 mile riverfront trail in downtown Tampa, Florida.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Work completed while Chad Upham was employed with EDAW.


Be honest.

Individuals — and those that run organizations — instinctually seek to avoid embarrassment (or worse). Chances are those things that are embarrassing, if left unexposed, will jeopardize long-term personal or organizational vitality, as well as the common good. Liability compounds with time; so identify it now and get busy fixing it.

Be specific.

Many organizations say they are “committed to this” or “committed to that.” What specific policies, processes and actions are in place to deliver on these commitments? Present information in context that accurately portrays measurable impact within the whole sphere of influence. Give examples that are representative of reproducible systems which have measurable outcomes.

Be willing to change.

Global issues are everyone else’s problem until they arrive in your backyard. How can you, today, as an individual or organizational leader, start being the solution to someone else’s problem? Drastic cuts to consumption of unsustainable resources is a good place to start.

Food. Water. Shelter. Energy. Transportation. Commerce. Community. Culture.

If your organization works in any of these fields (so, just about everyone), Covive is ready to work with you to tackle your greatest communications challenges.