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“My Idea” Small Business Success Stories

As the economy began to recover from the great recession of 2008, AT&T sought to demonstrate the benefits of increasing and improving its mobile broadband services by telling success stories of small business owners who rely on innovative uses of mobile technology to run their businesses. A series of 2-minute web videos were produced to showcase a variety of stories and serve as a model for future videos. Videos were hosted on an AT&T public policy microsite, and used as the click-through destination for print ads, online banner ads, and promoted tweets.

Art direction and design by Chad Upham while employed with Mercury Group in Seattle, Washington.
Campaigns, Messaging Strategy
Screen capture of the intro slide for the AT&T Molly Moon video, showing Molly Moon smiling in here Seattle ice cream shop, with employees behind the counter in the background.
AT&T Molly Moon Small Business Success Story Print Ad

Print and Mobile Ads

Print and mobile display ads were designed to direct traffic to the AT&T Public Policy Blog landing page, featuring web videos and other stories. The whole campaign was designed with a cohesive visual identity in line with AT&T brand guidelines. Media buys included magazines, online news sites, and apps targeting beltway influencers and policymakers.

AT&T Molly Moon Small Business Success Story Print Ad

Web Videos

Video production included voice-over and on-camera interviews and one-day onsite video shoots with business owners and their teams for a variety of B-roll action shots. Motion graphics were designed to match print and digital advertising for visual continuity.

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