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TMG Partners

33⅓ Anniversary Event

TMG Partners is a San Francisco Bay Area real estate developer. To advance the firm’s position as a thought leader, and to mark the firm’s third-of-a-century anniversary in 2018, an event was planned that brought together industry colleagues, elected officials, and business partners to look forward to how the region will continue to change in the next 1/3 of a century. In preliminary event planning sessions, it was determined that the event would be held at SF JAZZ, a modern performance venue located in the heart of San Francisco with seating for 300 to 400 guests. Covive provided all design support for the event, creating a unique graphic identity that unified all communications before, during, and after.
Event strategy and messaging by Marianna Leuschel of New Agency
Event invitation designed as a record album cover, with printed record inside.

“Record Album” Invitation Self‑Mailer

Through brainstorming and discussion, the team arrived at the concept of using a “33⅓ Long Play” record as a stand-out self-mailing invitation tying together the event theme and venue in a fun and memorable way. A jazzy color palette was introduced in a playful wordmark adapted from the firm’s official logo. For cost and practicality, the invitation was a scaled down 9.25" x 9.25" folded album cover with a printed double-thick cardstock “record” in the pocket. The record label presented the event’s prestigious speakers as the “track list.”

Black album cover design with text: What will our region look like in the next third of a century?
Blue inside cover with text OFF THE RECORD.
Front side of printed record with label listing speakers.
Back side of printed record with label listing panelists.
Black pocket panel with large TMG 33⅓ logo and event date, time and location.
Back cover with space for mailing label and return address.
Box of name tags organized alphabetically, showing the front side with event logo and participate name and company.
Reverse angle of name tags showing colorful back panels with 1980s album cover artwork
A grid of popular album covers used for back of name tags.

Name Tags and Program

Custom branded square name tags were designed and printed for guests. Playfully supporting the concept of looking back to the firm’s founding in 1984, the back side of each name tag featured 1980s album covers on a colorful background. A 5" x 5" accordion-fold booklet included biographies for all speakers, the event program, and space for note-taking. With a series of informal talks and panels, the event was titled “Off the Record”, hinting at the intimacy and prestige afforded in bringing together these influential speakers and guest.

Photograph of folded programs showing front, back, and expanded to show speaker biographies.
5 foot-tall wooden letters 'TMG' painted bright red on stage with blue light background.
TMG Chairman standing center stage delivering closing remarks with large red TMG letters behind him, and a projected screen above which reads 'Tomorrows Megaregion Goals'.

Stage Letters and Presentation Slides

Borrowing from the recognizable brand of “TED”, large custom-fabricated red letters on stage signaled that the ideas shared in the forum would be forward-looking and highly-intelligent. With strategic roles in a number of regional planning initiatives, the leadership of TMG Partners is helping to shape the future of the greater Bay Area megaregion, tackling issues such as housing affordability, traffic, and resilience. At the conclusion of the forum, it was revealed that “TMG” would be repurposed as an acronym for “Tomorrow’s Megaregion Gameplan”, and the connected rings motif of the event brand were shown to represent major population centers which will be growing more connected over the next third of a century. Covive designed branded screen presentation graphics to support the opening and closing remarks, and speaker introductions.

Event guests mingling.
Event guests mingling and smiling.
Event guests shaking hands.
A guest gives a high-five to a life-size robot interacting with event guests.
Screenshot of event web page showing logo and text: Off the Record.
Screenshot of event web page showing sound bites and photo gallery.
Screenshot of event web page showing speaker biographies.

Follow-up Website and T-Shirts

Within five days of the conclusion of the event, a website was launched and shared with all invitees, featuring event videos, sound bites, a photo gallery, speaker biographies, and comments, as a lasting way to leverage the event to demonstrate thought leadership and influence.

The event brand was adapted into a t‑shirt design for the firm’s partners and staff to carry on the discussion of envisioning and shaping “Tomorrow’s Megaregion Gameplan.”

Design showing front, back and sleeve of a black t-shirt with event logo and connected rings design.
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