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100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming

Corresponding with the publication of the book Drawdown — The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, which quickly became a New York Times Bestseller, Covive designed and developed a website to serve the organization along with other communications and outreach materials including presentations, a poster, email campaigns, and exhibit concepts.

Web Design and Development, Information Design, Environmental Graphics
Close up detail of the Drawdown poster with a colorful grid of solution titles and images


While the book Drawdown is in-depth and engaging, it is hard to get a grasp of the variety and total impact of climate solutions when flipping from page to page. Covive identified the opportunity to design a poster that lays out all 100 solutions on one sheet in a folding poster format that can be distributed at low cost and displayed in classrooms, break rooms, board rooms, dorm rooms, cubicles, and anywhere else. The design uses a grid of 2"x2" color-coded squares, with the top ten solutions twice the size of the others. The poster has been used as a donor gift incentive, shared at lectures and book signings, and mailed by a Drawdown advisor to every member of the U.S. Congress.

Pie chart demonstrating impact by solution and impact by sector. Total atmospheric CO2-eq reduction in gigatons by 2050 equals 1050.99
Drawdown poster
Screenshot of the website home page

The website was designed and developed concurrently with the publication of the book to serve the global communication needs of the organization. Built on the Drupal content management system, the site organizes and presents 100 solutions with granular, calculable fields for carbon impact, costs, and savings, aggregation of results, cross-referencing, results by sector, and posting of related resources and partner organizations. The website fields hundreds of inquiries and email newsletter subscriptions per week from individuals around the globe seeking to participate in the work of Drawdown.

Screenshot of the Drawdown website on a mobile device showing Solutions by Sector
Screenshot of the Drawdown website on a mobile device showing a solution detail page
Screenshot of the Drawdown website on a mobile device showing a solution detail page
Screenshot of the Drawdown website on a mobile device showing a table of solutions by rank
Paul Hawken standing in front of a large screen presenting a pie chart of Drawdown solutions by impact


Sought after as a speaker by institutions worldwide, Paul Hawken delivers compelling presentations of the concept and solutions of Drawdown, all in the language of positive regeneration. Covive worked with Paul to storyboard and design visuals including animated charts, tree maps, and immersive photographs with bold headlines and figures. Since publication of Drawdown in April 2017, Paul has delivered hundreds of lectures and keynotes with audiences ranging from community groups to business leaders and international climate symposiums.

Exhibit Concept

Covive has designed preliminary concepts for a touring exhibition that will bring climate solutions to life in an interactive museum experience. The exhibition may include models and prototypes, live feeds and dashboards, simulations and opportunities to connect with others with similar areas of expertise and interest. Drawdown is currently seeking funding and partnerships to advance the exhibition concept.

Visualization of the entry of a proposed Drawdown museum exhibition
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