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Clean is Community

CleanScapes started as a small business providing power washing and recycling for small businesses in downtown Seattle. As the organization grew to become Seattle’s primary residential and commercial waste collector, with a mission to promote waste diversion and reduction, new website and communications campaigns helped to educate customers and position CleanScapes to expand in neighboring municipalities.

Art direction and design by Chad Upham while employed with Mercury Group in Seattle, Washington.
Campaigns, Messaging Strategy, Web Design and Development
Close up view of a bright green waste collection truck with a large graphic sign on the site with the headline

Truck Graphics

As rolling billboards in the communities they serve, the CleanScapes trucks are a perfect medium for positive, playful messaging. A “continuous-line” illustration style became a unifying motif for easy to remember reminders, instructions and feedback loops. A campaign slogan: “Clean is…” with variable attributes reinforces the CleanScapes brand as being smart, green, efficient, etc., and transfer those attributes onto the community members as active partners in their own success toward zero waste.

Large vinyl banner attached to side of waste disposal truck reading 'Rinse, Reuse, Recycle.' with illustration of plastic containers.
Large vinyl banner attached to side of waste disposal truck reading 'Junk the Junk.' with illustration of junk mail envelopes.
Large vinyl banner attached to side of waste disposal truck reading 'Let it be.' with illustration of manual grass mower and grass clippings.
Artwork for a series of 12 truck banners with various headlines and illustrations.

Web Banner Ads

As the company sought contracts in new municipalities, web banner campaigns were designed and deployed using geotargeting on social media and local news websites to promote the innovative vision and practical benefits to communities. Since this campaign was launched in 2011, the company has expanded from two to nine cities, and was acquired by Recology, a major West Coast service provider with a similar commitment to zero waste.

Web banner ads.

0:30 Commercial

This playful commercial utilizing the continuous line motif presents the essential messaging of reliability, efficiency, and environmental benefits to community as the company sought to win contracts with new neighboring municipalities. The spot ran in local markets in the weeks leading up to new contract decisions by city government officials.

Storyboard for 0:30 Cleanscapes Commercial


With any website project, the challenge exists to organize large amounts of disparate information for different audiences, sometimes with variables such as differing regulations and resources for each city. Through a comprehensive user-centered design process in 2011, the team created a website that would serve the marketing, customer service, and online reference needs of the company until 2017, when it was integrated into the new parent company site.

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